Q. If I have a question about my kitchen installation, who will deal with it?

A. Any questions on your kitchen installation can be taken up with your dedicated Ben Heath Kitchen Designer or Kitchen Administrator as appropriate who will be happy to help you.

Q. How do I know how much my kitchen is costing throughout the project?

A. It is very common that changes are made to an order after the deposit has been paid due to many reasons.  The order is tracked and changed to reflect the differences.  At any time you can request a revised order acknowledgement and this will be sent out with payment reminders.

Q. Are there likely to be any extras during the order process?

A. We find that ‘Extras’ leave an unpleasant taste in customers mouths and therefore try to cover most things at the point of quotation.  One thing which is very hard to calculate and often is covered by the builders is extraction ducting.  Therefore, we do not include this in the initial quotes.  We can and are often asked to supply duct kits for the builders/contractors to install at first fix stage and this will be quoted for and invoiced separately.  The cost of ducting varies from project to project but is in the region of £100 – £400.

Q. What options are there for me to change the order after paying the deposit?

A. Experience has shown that changes are inevitable and therefore as a business we remain flexible.  Products can be changed without charge up to 8 weeks before delivery.

Q. When do your order all my appliances etc?

A. All orders are confirmed with the suppliers 8 weeks before the scheduled delivery date.

Q. When do you start to take delivery of all the kitchen components?

A. We want to be in control as much as possible and therefore do not want goods being delayed in delivery affecting the installation date.  Therefore, we schedule for your goods to start coming in three weeks before the scheduled installation.




Q. What methods of payment are accepted?

A. We ask that you pay by BACS through our bank or by Debit card by phone or in person at our showroom. Payments are either confirmed by an invoice from our Finance team or an attached receipt sent through to you via e-mail.  Credit cards are only accepted for deposit payments.

Q. How much and when will the main payment be required?

A. The main payment is due 4 weeks before the goods being available for delivery.  We will send you an up to date copy of any related order acknowledgements, a payment schedule and a reminder by email and/or by post.

Q. Why is the final payment due before worktops are installed and not on completion?

A. We are a quality business and our reputation and customer relations are core to our business model.  Our experience has shown that money should not be used as a tool for getting jobs finished however as a business we have had to often wait months for a very large balance after completing the works.  We have never left a job unfinished or a customer unhappy and do not intend to change this.



Q. How will I be able to work out where all the services will be for the new kitchen?

A. We will provide you with detailed kitchen drawings, we will mark electrical points on the plans and service positions for water and drainage.  We will meet with your site contractors and talk through the design and plans and answer any of their questions.  If further questions arise we can answer either via email or telephone, please see staff contact list.

Q. When should I have my kitchen flooring laid?

A. All kitchen flooring should be laid before the kitchen installation.

Q. Should the flooring finish just under the kitchen units?

A. No, the flooring should be installed wall to wall.

Q. What condition does the room need to be in before installation?

A.  All first fix electric and plumbing should be completed. Walls need to be plastered and decorated with the desired wall paint colour (one final coat should be applied after install), ceilings needs to be painted.  Final floor finish needs to be installed wall to wall and the room needs to be dry and weather tight. 

Q. Why can the kitchen not be fitted in a freshly plastered room?

A. These are handmade kitchens and they are constructed using natural materials which can and will absorb moisture if exposed to high levels.  Cabinet warranties will be rendered null and void if furniture is delivered and or installed into areas with high moisture levels.

Q. Should the skirting boards be fitted prior to installation of the kitchen?

A. They can be fitted before or after however we recommend that they are fitted after as it leaves a tidier finish.  If required, we can cut and fit the panels and skirtings around the skirting board, but this is not as clean a finish as fitting the skirting boards to the cabinetry/panels.

Q. Should the extraction ducting be fitted as part of the first fix?

A. Yes, it is best done at this time as any issues can be resolved early.

Q. My builder wants to install a standard 4”/100mm diameter duct, is this OK?

A. NO! Kitchen extraction is often misunderstood and 4”ducting is too small and will result in your extractor not working and being noisy.  A minimum of 6”/150mm rigid round or the equivalent rectangular rigid duct is recommended.  If your builder is not able to supply we can supply as a kit for them to fit.

Q. What happens if there is a delay to the building work / room preparation?

A. We can move installation dates if provided with enough notice.  Over 8 weeks prior to installation there is no charge, 3-8 weeks there is no charge however your payments will remain and still be required as per the original installation date.  Under three weeks there will be re-booking charge of 50% of the cost of the installation.

Q. What do we need to do if there is a change to the build / design of the room?

A. We need to be notified immediately! If changes are only picked up on final site survey that could have been avoided, we may need to charge for alterations to the order.

Q. Who is responsible for checking the site against the drawings?

A. We take responsibility for our installations however we can not be responsible for information we are not advised about.  Therefore, it is vital that you and/or your contractors thoroughly check the plans and if anything is missed that we are notified immediately.  Too many times, issues have been caused by trades moving walls, windows, doors, soil pipes, beams etc without thoroughly checking the kitchen plans only to result in a disappointed customer as it has drastically altered their kitchen design.

Q. How many site surveys/visits do you conduct prior to installation?

A. Typically it is two, one with the builders/contactors and the client on site to discuss the plans and answer any questions while checking measurements.  The second is the final survey just prior to the installation to check that the site is ready.  On complicated jobs an additional survey may take place between the first and the final to check measurements prior to building the furniture.

Q. When is the final site survey conducted?

A. The final survey is conducted two weeks prior to installation, this gives your contractors time to make any necessary adjustments to services / electrics.  If at this point, we deem the site unsuitable to be ready to take the installation and are given no choice but to move the install; a charge of 50% of the install will be levied for booking a new installation date.



Q. Who are the people that come into my home to do the work?

A. We employ our own experienced and fully qualified fitters and they will be with you throughout the agreed timescale required to complete your project, i.e. two to three weeks for kitchen installations. We only use our approved suppliers for any other work that is required such as electrical work or tiling. All tradesmen and women will be very respectful of your home and yourselves and often go that extra mile to ensure that you are happy with the result.

Q. Who connects the fitted appliances to the electrical supply?

A. Our fitters will install the appliances within the furniture, but it will be your electrician who will be required to connect and test the supplies.

Q. Does my electrician need to be on site when the fitting team are there?

A. Yes, we recommend he/she liaises with the fitting team as they will need to work together to install the second fix services and appliances. Typically, the electrician is on site with the fitters on days 4 and 5 of the installation and may need come back again.

Q. Who makes the opening in the wall for the ducting/extraction?

A. We can do this but request that this is done and any rigid duction be installed during the first fix stage of the build by your contractors.  We can if required supply the ducting and have delivered to site.

Q. Who connects the gas supplies to any fitted appliances or range cookers?

A. Our fitters will install the appliances within the furniture, but it will be your responsibly to supply a registered Gas engineer who will be required to connect and test the supplies.

Q. Who connects the water supplies and wastes to the wet appliances, sinks and taps?

A. Our fitting team make these final connections and test them.

Q. When are the worktops templated and fitted?

A. We aim to be ready for templating the worktops 5 – 6 working days into the installation.  Installation takes place 1 week later however if countertop cabinets are being fitted then they will return again 1 week after install to fit the upstands.

Q. How long does a Kitchen installation take?

A. Typically the main installation takes one week with two fitters onsite, the stone tops being templated on the Friday or the following Monday.  The following week will either be used to get the kitchen finished awaiting worktops however if furniture is to be fitted onto the worksurfaces the second week of installation will be moved to follow the installation of the worktops.



Q. Is any decoration required after the installation?

A. Yes, although we recommend the majority of the decoration be completed prior to installation a final coat on the walls will be required as fitting marks etc can and will occur.  All walls are never entirely straight and so upstands will often have gaps between them and the walls.  The stone company will apply a caulk to these gaps, but large gaps can shrink and will need re-filling by your decorator and a final paint up to the upstands will be required.  Skirting boards are often fitted after the installation and so will also require decoration

Q. What happens with checking the fitters work?

A. One of the team will visit the site during the installation and check progress and will return at the end.  A list of outstanding items will be created and given to the fitters to complete.

Q. What happens to the appliance manuals etc?

A. Experience has shown that sites are often still in progress when we have finished, and it is all too easy for valuable papers to get lost or worse thrown away.  When our fitters unpack and install the appliances they remove they documents and return them to the showroom.  The administrator’s then register your appliance warranties on your behalf and place all the documents in a kitchen ‘end pack’.  This pack is provided to you in our showrooms.



Q. Why do I collect the end pack from the showrooms rather than it be left on site?

A. Experience has shown that these valuable documents need to be gone through and looked after.  Too many times end packs have gone missing even though receipt of delivery has been confirmed by the customer.  By collection from the showroom one of our administrators takes you through them, what we have done to register etc, what to do in the event of a fault and go through your invoices to check that all is correct.

Q. What happens if I have a problem with a kitchen appliance?

A. The appliances are all under warranty with the manufacturer and as such you must contact the manufacturer service team directly however please inform us if you do as we may be required to supply a fitter to help remove the appliance.

Q. What happens if I have an issue with an appliance out of warranty?

A. We are here to help, if you require a new appliance we can supply one and fit for you at a preferential price or can supply a fitter on an hourly rate.

Q. What do I do if I have a complaint?

A. We have a robust complaints procedure that is enclosed in your Welcome Pack. We will endeavour to resolve any of your complaints while you are on the phone. However, we may need to call you back if the query is more complex – if this is the case we will request a contact number and call back within 48 hours. Once we have received your complaint, we will log and review. We will contact you via e-mail, telephone or in writing to respond.

Q. What do I do if I have a problem once my project has been finished.

A. We are very open to being called or emailed with any problem that you may have with your finished design and fitting. Just give us a call or email so that we can discuss any problems with you. 

Q. How long is my installation warrantied for?

A. The kitchen cabinets are covered by a lifetime warranty which covers the fabric and operation of the furniture to be free of manufacturing defects however this does not cover misuse or normal wear and tear.  The appliances are covered by the manufacturers warranties and the worktops come with a 15-year limited warranty.  The installation is covered by a one-year warranty. The warranties only cover the product and therefore if the claim falls outside of the first year, any installations charges relating to the products will be chargeable.

Q. What should I do if my query is not resolved within the expected time?

A. Once we have received your query, we will log and review. We will contact you via e-mail, telephone or in writing to respond to the query. We will respond to the enquiry within 3 days of receipt. If your query has been unresolved within this time frame, we will inform you of a date that it can be resolved.