'Making kitchens that look and feel like pieces of furniture designed to be used and enjoyed for many years is, without doubt, our speciality' - Ben Heath


design, craftmenship and attention to detail are why customers are delighted with the end results and recommend us to their friends

built using painted in-frame cabinets combining hardwoods such as oak, walnut, cherry and Maple.


We have a team of expert kitchen designers who use a full architectural CAD package to design all our kitchens. This allows a closer relationship with architects and agencies involved with your project and provides additional flexibility and flair during the design process, giving you a clear and precise picture of your finished kitchen. 


We highly recommend an appointment with Ben to discuss your ideas and for us to understand your requirements, taking into account the period of your home, dimensions of the room with its assets and liabilities, windows, doorways and everything relevant to the design.

All our proposals include recommendation and supply of appliances and accessories. Quotations are clear and concise and are fully inclusive. Site surveys are conducted at regular points in the project and careful checking ensuring a smooth and trouble free installation using our own expert fitters.


Before finalising the kitchen design, we will visit the site and use accurate laser measuring equipment, checking all measurements, dimensions, plumbing and electrical requirements and access routes. If you are using builders and architects, we will liaise directly with them and get them to check and sign off all plans. Our plans, elevations and CAD provide all information required to ensure a successful and problem-free installation. This includes the detail of exactly where new plumbing, electrical points and other services need locating so that your builder can ensure they position them correctly.

We use a well-structured and carefully managed process for project managing and installing your kitchen. Our Technical Design Manager has many years experience of working with clients who are buying premium kitchens and we also allocate a Kitchen Designer and Administrator to your project.

During the week of your kitchen installation, our Technical Design Manger will be coordinating the installation and will be dealing with all areas of your work. For many of our clients this aspect of our service is held in high regard.


Ben Heath follow a carefully managed process from start to finish. You will be allocated a dedicated Designer, Project Co-ordinator and Kitchen Administrator all with experience of working with clients who are buying premium kitchens. During the one to two week of your kitchen installation, your Project Co-ordinator will be dealing with your project. This gives our clients confidence and piece of mind that their kitchen project will be delivered in time and to the highest possible standard of quality. Please click on the link below to read more