Our 5000 square foot showroom is an Aladdin’s cave of interior design and inspiration. Contained within, is an extensive choice of full size kitchen displays, many of which are fitted with working appliances. A browse around the showroom will undoubtedly begin to stimulate your design dreams both aesthetic and functional.

When you are ready, we recommend an appointment to discuss your ideas. Our aim at this stage is to understand your requirements, as well as looking at important details such as the period of your home, dimensions of the room with its assets and liabilities, windows, doorways and anything relevant to the design.  The layout is considered along with, flooring, appliances, worktops, colours, textures, in short, everything necessary to ensure the successful design of your kitchen.

At Ben Heath we have the expertise to use a full architectural CAD package to design the kitchens we supply.  It is our belief that this gives us an advantage over many of our competitors for a number of reasons. Firstly, CAD allows for a closer relationship with architects and other agencies involved in your project. Secondly, we find it a far less restrictive design tool than other packages, giving additional flexibility and flair during the design of your kitchen.  Finally, it provides an extremely clear and precise picture of your finished kitchen.

All of our proposals include supply or recommendation of appliances, worktops and accessories. Our quotations operate on a fixed price system and we aim to be clear and concise, providing you with the assurance that any kitchen from Ben Heath is fully inclusive and worry free.

Site surveys are carried out at regular and necessary points in the project.  It is our belief that good communication, clear drawings and careful checking at every point, ensures the best chance of a smooth and trouble
free installation.

We believe that one of our main strengths is that we have a team of permanently employed, installation fitters.  These fitters have a full working knowledge of our systems, products and expectations, enabling us to avoid using sub-contractors to install your kitchen wherever possible. This gives the advantage of more flexible fitting dates and the consistent quality which our customers rely on to provide a kitchen that gives years of continuous pleasure. The many recommendations we receive are indeed a tribute to the outstanding quality of our service and products and the pleasure that they provide.