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'It is so enjoyable to help customers select pieces that can transform their spaces into homely and stylish rooms'.- Laura Popeck, Ben Heath Stylist


Adding the final touches to your home can make all the difference to a finished scheme.

Injecting some colour and individuality makes the space feel more like a home and somewhere that expresses who you are.


We celebrate the unique furniture and accessories that we display in our extensive showroom, over three floors, creating room sets that can inspire. Laura is able to help you select the right pieces of furniture, lighting or accessories that will perfectly fit your interior spaces choosing a mix of items that can enhance your room setting.

We love to understand your needs and budget and can suggest a range of hand picked furniture and accessories, creating an individual and unique essence that is your own. Whether it is a bedroom, dining room or living area that you wish to furnish, we can advise and source the right products to fit your needs.

It can be to keep ahead of the home décor trends, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere to any room or to give that modern and contemporary edge. What ever the budget or need, Laura is at hand to help.